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£285.00 inc. VAT

The Dogtra 640C is suitable for small to large breeds of dog depending on their drive.

The Dogtra 640C is a small to medium breed collar which has all the features of a professional grade Dogtra E-Collar. It can also be used effectively for mild mannered or low drive and biddable larger breeds.

  • Precise digital backlit display 0-127 levels
  • Smaller collar and receiver size for a less obtrusive profile on smaller dogs
  • Increased 600 Meter or 1/2 mile range
  • Nick (40th Sec Pulse)
  • Constant (12 Seconds Pulsing Until No Longer Pressing The Button)
  • Page (Stimulating Vibration)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • 2 Hour Charge Time
  • Fully waterproof receiver & transmitter
  • Digital battery life indicator

Customer reviews

based on 2 reviews
  • Brilliant for our cockapoo. Being a slightly smaller device works great on the smaller dog. Once introduced correctly by a trainer this has worked wonders for our once reactive (on lead at all times) dog. Now can have off leash freedom it’s a safety blanket in times when needed. After the first 5 weeks off use (only on level 9) we now barely use it but have it for peace of mind and those just incase moments. Battery life is great and also so is the charge time. Only negative is that the receiver doesn’t have a belt clip but none the less great device for the money.
  • Once I had decided to buy an electric collar for my dog I contacted Ian at Dogtra UK for advice. We have a working cocker that kept going deaf and hunting for rabbits. We lost him and he was even handed in to the local dog warden. I can honestly say that getting Jasper under control with the Dogtra 640C was really easy and we have not lost him once since we bought the collar. I would urge anyone who wants to walk their dog off the lead and keep them under control to get a Dogtra collar.
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