Dogtra StB Audible Pointer Training Collar

£140.00 inc. VAT

The Dogtra StB is a audible collar for use when training pointing breeds. There is no electrical stimulation facility on this collar it is purely and simply an audible collar to let you know what your dog is doing “Either running or pointing”.

The Dogtra StB has two operating modes : “Run/point” and “Point Only” In the Run/Point mode, the beeper collar emits a double beep every 7 seconds while the dog is running. Then, it will change automatically to a double beep every 2 seconds when he is on point. In the Point only mode, the beeper collar remains silent when the dog is moving. When the dog goes on point, the beeper collar will emit a hawk sound every 2 seconds until the dog starts moving again.

Supplied in Low Tone Beep Variant.


  • 400 Meter Audible Range
  • Two Beeper Modes “Run & Point or Point”
  • Lithium Polymer 2 Hour rapid Charge
  • Fully waterproof


Supplied in low tone beep. High tone and hawk noises availalbe as special order.

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