Dogtra Pathfinder 2 Mini

£460.00 inc. VAT


The Dogtra Pathfinder 2 mini is a unique GPS tracking system which offers real time tracking and training in one package. It can be expanded to 21 dogs and has a huge 4 mile range.


  • New GPS Connector with E-Collar function button.
  • New GPS Receiver with Pager vibration and LED Light mode.
    -New Receiver Lock.
    -New Sleep Mode
    -New GPS Connector Locate Tone.


  • Track & Train your dog from your phone.
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • No Signal Required. Utilises offline Maps.


  • IOS 12.1 or Android 6.0 and above. Your device must have Bluetooth Version 5 or above.
  • The App will only work with a paired Dogtra Pathfinder 2 Mini.


  • Your dog needs to be over 15 in weight and have a minimum neck circumference of 10 inches / 25cm
    -I have known people use these on such small dogs but please be aware, it will be obtrusive!
  • Expandable to 21 Dogs.
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Geofence & Containment Fence Feature.
  • 100 Levels of Stimulation.

Customer reviews

based on 1 review
  • Recently purchased Pathfinder 2 mini for my Teckel, Ian who is 'Dogtra UK' couldn't have been more helpful, very quick to respond to any questions asked about this unit.
    Only had collar/tracker a few days now, but must say, so for I'm very impressed, comes with decent storage case for keeping collar etc in.
    Unit was very easy to set up, quick charging, it connects very quickly via Bluetooth to you phone/the app, collar connects sends GPS signal to hand held unit, this then sends signal (bluetooth) to your phone.
    Maps are very clear and accurate, app it's self is very easy to navigate, if needed you can set Geo- Fence/boundary options so you can control where your dog(s) can and cannot go (unit can be extended to 21 dogs if required), you can toggle between various different types of maps (Terrain/Satellite etc) this also has the feature of an 'offline maps' option should you ever find yourself in an area that may not have that strong or no access to phone cellular signal, you just download maps of your chosen area in advance and use tracking function in these areas as you would normally.
    Can set weigh points, shows your track & dogs track separately, can store these historically if you wanted to.
    Collar also incorporates E-collar training functions if you should choose to incorporate as part of training, (vibrate, tone, nick) this function can also be easily disabled and collar set to tracking only mode, should you wish to do so.
    I've probably not even scratched the surface of the features and capabilities that this tracker is capable of.
    So as said very happy with my purchase and especially how its performing, unit comes with 2 years warranty, there are no hidden charges/monthly subscriptions to pay, so I can highly recommend Ian @ Dogtra UK and the Pathfinder 2 mini, to anyone currently in the market for a good all round tracker, I'm sure you will be very pleased with this unit or indeed and Dogtra product chosen, quite sure Ian would be more than happy to answer any questons you may have should you contact him.
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