DOGTRA ARC1202S 2 Dog Model

£410.00 inc. VAT

The Dogtra ARC1202 is suitable for medium to giant dog breeds.

The Dogtra ARC1202S is the two dog version of the Dogtra ARC1200S series of collars and is for people who have large / giant breeds or very stubborn / high drive breeds that they find extremely difficult to control. That is not to say that this is purely a high power collar. It can be as mild as a Dogtra IQ but has more stimulation at its top end for higher drive or stubborn breeds. As can be seen the collar unit is slightly curved, ergonomic and more difficult to see by those observing your dog. Do not just buy this collar because your dog is BIG. An ARC800 may be a better choice. If in doubt ask.

  • Precise digital backlit display with 0-127 levels
  • A 1200 Meter range for dogs that cover distance faster
  • Nick (40th Sec Pulse)
  • Constant (12 Seconds Pulsing Until No Longer Pressing The Button)
  • Page (Stimulating Vibration)
  • Rapid 2 hour charge Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Fully waterproof collar receiver and transmitter
  • Battery life indicator

Customer reviews

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  • This Dog Training Collar could be said to have 'saved my dog's life!'

    We have a 3yr old German Shepherd, officially crossed with a Belgian Malinois. The idea is / was to try to eliminate the 'human interference' in the breeding of German Shepherds - sloping backs, hip issues and the likes, though god-knows why!? I have had 4 Shepherds over the years, all having to be euthanised due to meddling humans, over the years.

    We decided to have another 'pup', sourcing him locally from a breeder in Southport. We saw both Mum (Malinois) and Dad (Shepherd), both were lovely animals with the male jet black throughout. That said, I had no knowledge of the Malinois.

    I wanted a male (3 bitches in the past), so we bought the last one the breeder had. He was born January 6th, 2020., with us since March 8th '20. However, as he grew up, absolutely 'full of fun / beans'; I started to notice an aggressive streak in him.

    He was becoming difficult to handle, more-so if he didn't want to give something up / didn't to do something BUT he was also a very loving and loyal dog.

    Out on the lead - we realised Khan was becoming seriously 'Reactive' to other dogs, to the extent he became so difficult to control; my wife stopped taking him out. He was far too strong for her plus the 'dirty looks' / comments she received.

    He has bitten me three times, one of those very nearly removed my left thumb! I was told by Casualty Staff that I had been "very lucky" to have kept it, with no after-effects to the injury site.

    Khan has been to see two reputable Trainers, neither changing the 'possession' of my Sheperd. I tell people I've tried to have the Malinois 'exorcised' out of him!

    It was only when his Vet's nurse recommended that I contact Tom at the 'National Dog Training Centre', Liverpool. This is when things finally started to improve. After a fully detailed briefing, Tom recommended me to DogTra UK for a high-quality E-Collar. Others stated he "should be put to sleep" - the usual 'easy' way out!

    Things are now improving / have improved dramatically. With his collar on, most of the time the 'Pager' facility does the trick. Khan 'listens and does'.

    We call the 'E' facility, (electric shock) "zapping" him. During the early days, taking Khan for a walk when other dog(s) are out too, he is initially encouraged quietly by me to "behave yourself". When that doesn't work, he is next 'Paged' as a warning. When that wasn't enough, he would be "zapped" which changed everything. His compliance was / is now immediate!

    It is well-worth speaking with Ian at DogTra about the 'E' facility, to make very sure you know what to do. It has a 'zapping' range from '0' to '129'. We've found anything from 20 - 35 is enough, so you may 'get my drift' if one needs to go higher!

    Whilst it is still 'work in progress', the difference in Khan has made a marked improvement in his behaviour overall. It has now reached a point that when his collar is not on - he kicks off at something outside etc.; we simply show him the control unit - compliance!!

    I do realise what many will say about this. However, a powerful dog such as Khan is not interested in bits of chicken or cheese carried in a pouch or a pocket. Shouting a command and then turning back rapidly away from the cause of the reaction is particularly pointless, certainly with a strong dog!! His 'reactive spirit' is out, making him VERY difficult to hold back.

    We have tried everything - advice on the internet - doesn't work! Talking with his now two vets (we must sedate him to go there!). Sedation does work for any examination, but anything else, hasn't worked and he flatly refuses a muzzle! Graham on the TV - options haven't even touched Khan and yes - we had considered euthanasia!

    We are in no doubt that the initial advice from 'Tom' to get the twin unit on the one collar from DogTra has / is working wonders with a dog I was losing faith in. I thought I'd be OK dealing with the 'demon within', from previous experiences. I've since read real horror stories, about the Malinois.

    If the above is 'your dog', then I cannot recommend any other 'training' needs for seriously over Reactive / poorly behaved dogs. The 'shock' Khan receives is necessary to regain control and then enjoy a walk out with him, that goes for both of us! The control range is really good and - if Khan decides to chase something he shouldn't; then you have the chance to increase the "zapping" whilst being 'Zapped'.

    This is a brilliant piece of kit which is far better than anything else I've ever seen / used. All I'm saying is if the usual training techniques don't work - get one of these!
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