Firstly, I make no excuses for the picture. You are either seeking valuable dog training advice or you have a dirty mind. I can only satisfy the enquiring mind and impart my wisdom. The rest is down to you! 

You Need To Understand A Little About A Dogs Drives 

The primary drive our dogs dispay that causes many people to seek out an e-collar for their dog is prey drive. I am only going to talk about prey drive here because it is my belief that if you are looking to manipulate defence and fight drives in dogs with an e-collar then you need to be working in partnership with a professional dog trainer. Thankfully, it is my estimate that 95% or e-collars sold in the UK are used to control dogs in prey drive.  

Drive Is Not Fixed 

As most Dogtra E-Collars have 127 Levels of electrical stimulation let us imagine for illustrations sake that our dogs desire / drive to do something is on a continueum of 0-127.  
So you have your dog out walking, it is off leash and is trotting along a path, your dog is continually sampling air and if it has had the chance to chase it is smapling the air for evidence of a prey animal, that could be another dog or it could be a squirrel. So let us imagine that your dogs drive to find a prey animal at this point is at level 20. Your dog then picks up the definite scent of a squirrel and you see your dog kick up a gear and it is clearly hunting. Lets say at this point your dogs drive to find that prey animal is a level 40.  
Then your dog sees the squirrel! Drive goes to level 60 and your dog is in a flat out chase after the squirrel. You are probably familiar with what I have just descibed or something similar. At each of these levels all that is required to get your dogs attention is to use your collar to go slightly above the level of your dogs drive and this is why you can turn a Dogtra E-Collar from 0-127 in such minute increments, because you only need to go slightly above your dogs drive level in order to gain control. Now obviously there are things that affect this such as your dogs breed and the stubborness of it's character and this is why I always stress that each dog is treated on individual merits. 
So, your dog is trotting down the path at dirve level 20, your dogs starting level (Discussed in a previous post) is level 15. So you only need to go slightly above level 20 with the e-collar to grab your dogs attention.  
Then your dog is in hunting mode, level 40 on our imaginary continuum. You call your dog and it does not respond, then you may only need to go to level 45.  
Then your dog is in a flat out chase across a field after a hare. It's drive level is at 60, well then you may only need to go to level 65 in order to call your dog off that hare.  
Of course it is not quite as simplistic as this but it is why I advocate using the E-Collar in continuous mode for a dog in a flat out chase. You only need to match and go slightly above the dogs drive in order to interupt the behaviour and get control. As always, when you have control then you reward the living daylights out of your dog. I will stress this over and over and over again. This is a reward orientated system.  

So, Lets Get Back To Vibrate 

Unlike the item pictured at the top of the page. I am not aware of an E-Collar that changes in intensity of vibration and I am not aware of a spray collar that gets smellier. If we put the fact aside for a moment that some people use vibrate to communicate with deaf dogs or as a reward marker then in terms of an e-collar VIBRATE IS VIBRATE IS VIBRATE & SMELLY SPRAY IS SMELLY SPRAY IS SMELLY SPRAY. If your dog decides to ignore or run through any of these options then you cannot just turn it up. The dog simply shrugs off the sensation and carries on trotting away, hunting or chasing. You will get some dogs that respond to vibrate but these tend to be very low drive dogs engaged in a low reward or low drive behaviour. I have even known nervoius dogs be afraid of the vibrate mode and very happy with the use of the electrical mode.  
Finally I Really Dislike To Use The Term Shock Because It Feeds Anti E-Collar Hysteria. But Rather Like Newspapers Headlines That Draw You In, I Need To Use Emotive Words & Pictures To Make A Point! 
Dogtra E-Collars really are very simple to use and rather than months of uncertain dog training lessons and psychoanalysis of your dog, get it under control quickly, stop your dog chasing, take the stress and pressure out of your walks. Give your dog it’s freedom to run and enjoy the great times you have together. 
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