I was doing a little digging on the internet and found an article on the Daily Mail Website all about the use of the shock collar in the UK. Pictured in the article in the hands of someone, goodness knows who was the handset of a Dogtra IQ Plus remote training collar. 
If you have read my previous blog posts you will know exactly what I think about an E-Collar being referred to as a SHOCK COLLAR. It is purely and simply cheap psychology to stir up hysteria in those who are prone to hysterics in the first place. 
Not only is it the reference shock collars that annoys me. It is the inference within the article that the model pictured will shock / electrocute a dog for 30 seconds. 
Dogtra has not to my knowledge in the past 12 years ever marketed an E-Collar that will continue to deliver electrical impulses for longer than 12 seconds before the collar resets itself. 
The Dogtra IQ Plus being one of the latest generation of collars has never been made or modified to deliver electrical impulses for longer than 12 seconds. 
Whipping up hysteria is a very effective form of marketing, create fear and distrust and you win the war. Many a dictator has done it without me naming names on here. 
I would ask very simply that people become educated. Instead of referring to these quite valid and effective training tools which incidentally save many a dogs life as shock collars. please begin to refer to them as an electric collar, electronic collar, e-collar. I know, I know, it just does not whip up the same level of hysteria within the hysterical but it is more correct than using the term Shock Collar. As my dad used to say “It may say OXO on buses, but they don’t sell em”. 
If you require any information on the correct use of E-Collars then I would be happy to help. However, I have zero interest in taking part in one sided articles which are destined to portray these life savers in a negative light, where any reference is made to SHOCK COLLARS or cruelty. Nobody, but nobody invests in one of these to inflict cruelty on their dog. They tend to do so as a last resort to save their dog from being euthanased or rehomed. lets face it, with the pictures from this years Crufts and a dog handler punching his dog in the face, nobody needs to spend money to inflict animal cruelty and that includes international standard dog trainers. 
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