Dogtra UK supplies the Dogtra YS300 Anti Bark Collar
I always say that there is no finesse with an anti bark collar. The dog has to realise it is wearing the collar and has to realise that the electrical stimulation / in this case correction is coming from the collar. 
Dogtra Anti Bark collars work when placed around your dogs neck where through the use of microphone technology it automatically monitors noise generated from your dogs throat. The collar is looking for the loud noise of a bark and in the case of the YS300 the Anti Bark Collar can respond either by vibrating or by a startling electrical stimulation, correction or interruption. Once your dog has realised that they collar is only operating when it barks then your dog will very quickly learn not to bark when wearing the collar. 
As the Dogtra YS300 Anti bark collar is activated via noise coming from your dogs throat, I advise that your dog does not wear it whilst eating bones / food or when wearing loose fitting metal chains. 
I also advise that these collars are not left on your dog for longer than 12 hours in a 24 hour period. The reason for this is that the skin can sweat underneath the control box and cause a loss of fur in the sited area. This is quite often reported via the anti e-collar or shock collar fraternity as an e-collar burn. E-collars cannot and do not burn your dog but they can rub away the fur if used incorrectly. 
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