In 2014 Dogtra took the E-collar dog training world by storm when it announced the Dogtra ARC800 Dog Training Collar. The Dogtra ARC 800 is ergonomically designed so that the receiver unit is curved and appears to form part of the collar strap. 
This in turn disguises the collar on your dogs neck and minimises people seeing or responding to the fact that you have control of your dog via a training collar or sometimes incorrectly referred to as a shock collar. 
The Dogtra ARC800 has an 800m range and is expandable to a two dog unit by the Dogtra ARC 800 Remote Training Collaraddition of a second receiver unit which is available from Dogtra UK. 
The ARC 800 is fully waterproof, both the collar and handset will take full immersion in water. It is powered via lithium polymer batteries and operates vi digital technology. This ensures that in an emergency when you really need to communicate with your dog a reliable signal is received by the collar and you are able to recover from what may have become a catastrophic or dangerous situation. 
I think one of the best features of the Dogtra ARC 800 is its ergonomic shape. On a medium to large breed of dog the curve of the receiver blends into the shape of the collar strap and the dogs neck, thus making this e-collar almost invisible. 
Most people use the Dogtra ARC 800 to ensure that they have a reliable recall for their dog under distraction. This distraction can include your dog chasing rabbits, other wild animal and even livestock. Sometimes people who purchase the Dogtra ARC 800 are concerned about their dogs running up to other people and their dogs. You can effectively stop this by using an e-collar but care must be taken. 
If you intend to use your Dogtra ARC800 to stop your dog from running up to people an their pets you must keep a close eye on your dog. The collar must not be used as a punishment, only as an extension of your reach. Use the collar to develop a 100% reliable recall and enforce the recall before your dog has reached the people or animals for whom you are concerned. Under not circumstances should you use the collar whilst your dog is stood next to a stranger or their animal as your dog may think it is them that has activated the collar and react negatively. 
Please click on my Dogtra ARC 800 unboxing video where the features of this collar are explained. 
If you have any further questions you can contact me on the details below. 
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