OK, I will keep this simple. E-Collars have been banned for use on animals in Wales for the the past 10 years or so. In that time it is my understanding that attacks on sheep have risen so make of that what you will! 
So What About England, Scotland & Nothern Ireland? 
Well, contrary to popular belief, the law banning the use of E-Collars was not voted upon and therefore not enacted in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland. So therefore, there was no ban on E-Collar use as of the 1st of February 2024. 
It is not to say that a law could not be enacted in the future but it seems that the weight of popular opinion in favour of E-Collar us in order to save the lives of livestock, wildlife and dogs was enough to stall the banning process. It actually says and awful lot about the weight of people power in the UK if it is focused on the right spot.  
Nobody is gloating about this, it may well just be a reprieve. But many are content to let the old posts on the internet and social media to just sit and lull people into thinking E-Collars are illegal in the UK.  
This Really Was A Victory For Common Sense, A Victory For The Countless Sheep, Deer & Other Wild Animals That Have been Saved Via the Sendible Use Of E-Collars & Above All A Victory For the Freedom Of All Dogs to Exercise Off Leash Where Appropriate. Secure In The Knowledge That Here Means Here! 
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