Shock Collar

Shock Collar Rubbish. It Is An E-collar

Nothing annoys me more than hysterical reporting. The reason being that many years ago when I was a police officer I found a chap who had quite sadly killed himself. It was 3.00am and he had gassed himself in his car. The following day the newspaper headlines read

Man Gasses Himself IN Busy Supermarket Car Park!

This is in the days prior to 24 hour opening, the car park was totally empty apart from this poor souls car.

So, back to modern day and all this referencing to the E-Collar as a shock collar. They are not and never have been (In modern day that is) designed to give a dog a shock!

I do however have a copy of an old book by a Hollywood dog trainer who advocated putting a live chicken on a metal plate with one part of the circuit connected to the dog and the other part on the metal plate. NOW THAT IS AN ELECTRIC SHOCK and of course nobody would advocate such treatment of any animal.

Shock collar UKThe electrical current from an E-Collar is located between 2 contact points on the dogs neck. It goes nowhere else in the dogs body and certainly does not earth through its paws. But of course, telling the truth does not sell newspaper copy or lobby MP’s. It appeals to the hysterics the people that see everything in black and white, good and bad, high and low. It is actually classified as a mental illness and it is no mistake that advertisers prey upon the human propensity to hysteria to portray e-collars in a negative light.

So if you want to buy a shock collar, or you are researching my site for another hysterical article. Please go elsewhere. I don’t sell them, I never have and never will.

I will on the other hand continue to sell Dogtra E-Collars to those people who after much soul searching and deliberation have decided that in order to give their dog the freedom it deserves and in order to maintain full and proper control as required by law within the UK have invested in an E-Collar.

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