Dogtra Spares And Accessories

Dogtra Spares And Accessories

Dogtra Spares and AccessoriesDogtra UK supplies all Dogtra spares and accessories. I am often sought out to supply backup for collars that have been bought from auction sites and elsewhere as other seem happy to take the money for selling the collar but don’t want to know when you need something else.

The most commonly requested Dogtra spares and accessories are replacement batteries. Please note that a recent directive from Dogtra states that if you are changing batteries yourself then you will invalidate your warranty. Changing batteries is a simple job, provided you are careful. However incorrect reassembly has lead to water ingress or damage to screws and threads. The choice really is yours when you decide to change your batteries. Furthermore there seems to be a massive influx of cheap copied batteries available on the internet. I am receiving reports of copied batteries, melting, expanding or simply not even fitting inside peoples Dogtra E-collars.

Make sure you buy genuine Dogtra Spares and Accessories from a Dogtra authorised reseller such as myself.


If you have any questions regarding obtaining or fitting your Dogtra Spares And Accessories then please call or email

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