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Many thanks for visiting the Dogtra UK website. If you are here then I suspect you have a specific requirement regarding your dogs or a clients dogs training and behaviour.

There is nothing worse that being left screaming at the top of your lungs as your dog races off into the distance after a rabbit, hare, deer, sheep, cyclist, jogger or another dog.

Maybe you are now subject to a complaint from a neighbour or the local authority re your dogs barking. Are you in danger of legal action or having to re home your dog?

To put your mind at rest most Dogtra E-Collars in the UK are bought by pet dog owners who are animal lovers who would like to give their dogs more freedom and be safe in the knowledge that their dog WILL COME BACK in any circumstances and no matter what the distraction.




E-Collars Are Very Easy To Use (Especially For Teaching The Recall)

There are some that would argue that E-Collars are best left for professional use. In part I would agree, if you are wanting to teach your dog a send away, forced retrieve,  perfect heel work or resolve dog – dog aggression I would say leave it to the professionals. But nearly all Dogtra UK E-Collars are sold to people who want to get their dogs back to them when the dog has been distracted by something else. It is bread and butter work for an E-Collar and so simple to do.

Resolve Complaints & Stop Dogs Barking Quickly

Here at Dogtra UK I sell the Dogtra YS300 & YS500 Anti Barking Collars. I have had people crying on the phone because they have been given a choice of re homing their dog or using an electric collar on it. Let me tell you the guilt and shame is soon dissipated into “WHAT WAS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT”!


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Due to FRAUD Dogtra UK no longer supplies or arranges the shipment of goods outside of the UK.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you have any questions regarding the use of a Dogtra E-Collar with your dog then please call or email

Tel: 07738088610